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You could find your next off-market property by spending years building relationships with Realtors. But, that’s time consuming and nothing is guaranteed.

You could also drive around and knock on doors, only to have them slammed in your face. Or, send snail mail that people toss right away…

OR, you can learn how to use PropStream, my choice for an innovative REI software, to message 100's of potential off-market properties to save yourself a lot of time doing it!

PropStream empowers Real Estate Investors with the Data, Investor Tools, and the Marketing Solutions you need to make informed decisions.

✨ Identify property owners who are motivated to sell

✨ Instantly generate comps from the most current and accurate data WITHOUT needing access to the MLS

✨ Reach out to prospects professionally and confidently, even if you don't have a Marketing Degree

Don’t waste your time knocking on doors! Find your next off-market property with the press of a button.

Actively Make deals happen!

Find Off-Market Properties Using PropStream

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